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Business Ethics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Business Ethics - Research Paper Example The gradual awareness of consumers regarding how products are made, what practices are being adapted in buying and selling of raw materials have relatively push them to reassess their decisions regarding what goods and services they purchase and consume. (Carrigan, Szmigin & Wright, 2004) An interesting question however arises regarding as to what actually motivates consumers to adapt ethical behavior? Whether the overall ethical awareness of the consumers have reached to a point where they are now able to clearly evaluate and assess the consequences of their purchase decisions on the society and world as a whole? But is there anything with the name of ethical consumption? How consumers can draw the line between their responsibilities as well as how much responsible they are for their purchase decisions. Are businesses responsible too for their actions? These are some of the questions which will be explored in this article. Ethical Consumption There are many factors which actually ou tline as to why there has been a shift towards ethical consumption. ... Ethical consumers therefore tend to focus more on evaluating different aspects of companies including their hiring processes, use of animal products, the damage done to environment etc. Spending has been given a global as well as individual morality wherein consumers perceive themselves as custodian of earth. At the individual level, spending is considered as the clearest way through which consumers actually demonstrate their moral choices. (Freestone & McGoldrick, 2008) The overall notion of ethical consumers and ethical consumption emerged out of the concept of green consumer. Ethical consumption however, is believed to be a relatively complex web of decisions which are being made by the consumer. Ethical consumer therefore not only assesses the impact of his buying on the environment but also adds human element to the green consumption also. Ethical consumers therefore also include matter of conscience in their decision making regarding the purchases they plan to make. (Strong, 19 96) Though it has been argued that consumers have become ethical because of improvements in technology as well as information flow however, still limited nature of information may limit consumers’ ability to know the true outcome of their purchase decisions. It has also been suggested that unequal distribution of wealth may also be one of the reasons as to whether there can be ethical consumers in first place? It is argued that until and unless issue of unequal distribution of wealth is not addressed, consumers may never be able to fulfill their democratic role as ethical consumers. (Shaw & Clarke, 1998) Is there any ethical consumption Above arguments suggest that consumers may not be able to fully become

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Dissertation plan, outline, Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Dissertation plan, outline, - Essay Example Romanosky, S, Telang, R, & Acquisti, A 2011, Do data breach disclosure laws reduce identity theft?, Journal Of Policy Analysis & Management, 30, 2, pp. 256-286, Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 15 November 2012. The study will cover the history of identity theft in cyber, and forms of these frauds. Some focus will be towards the public awareness about these forms of fraud and how to contain this. There will also be close examination on the effectiveness of the different techniques that have been employed in curbing these challenges. The climax of it all will be on how to educate public on use computing and network settings to avoid such frauds. Therefore most attention will be on educating the public the settings. First, I will do a background research to find out information of identity theft in the field of computing and networking. In this project, I will list down various techniques that can be used to avoid identity theft in this particular field. Secondly, Numerous testing will be carried out, mostly on electrical machines and internet such as computers, phones, iPads to find out major areas where identity theft is conducted. Lastly, I will then formulate techniques of preventing such occurrence and possibilities such as creating passwords and log in options in the machines. The proposed study does not entail ethical considerations since the research majors on finding out methods in computing and networking settings that assist an individual to avoid identity theft rather than promoting ethical manners in the field and society. 14. What study materials will you use? (Please give full details here of validated scales, bespoke questionnaires, interview schedules, focus group schedules etc and attach all materials to the application) 17. Declaration: The information supplied is, to the best of my knowledge and belief,